by Laura Keil, Publisher & CEO

Last week, the Valley Sentinel published its last edition and the Rocky Mountain Goat has agreed to buy the assets of this long-running local publication. The Sentinel ran its first edition in 1986, and has been an important source of local information since that time. We take seriously our responsibility to retain the Sentinel archives and ensure they are accessible to the public. We will also be making some changes at the Goat in order to better serve the community in light of the Sentinel closing.


Advisory Board

We have always been interested in strong feedback from the community, but in light of the Sentinel shutting down we will be seeking six members of the public to sit on an advisory board. The board will help ensure the newspaper is covering matters of importance fairly. The details and terms of reference are still being ironed out, but we hope this will be an exciting new aspect to ensuring local media reflects the diverse aspects of our communities. If you are interested, please contact Laura at [email protected] or call the Goat Office 250-566-4606.


Expanding our coverage & seeking more voices

We are looking to expand our coverage and include a greater variety of voices in the newspaper. We need your help with this. Do you have a perspective that isn’t reflected in our pages and enjoy writing? We want to hear from you!

I want to thank Dianne St. Jean for her professionalism and kindness during this transition. The Goat remains committed to local journalism: sharing local stories, holding those in power to account, and making your voice heard.