by Andru McCracken

Village of McBride /RMG file photo

McBride Elementary School has been spared for the time being. In March 2018 the school district board said they would consider amalgamating McBride schools if they dipped below 150 students.

The issue was referenced at the January 29th meeting of School District 57 meeting. However according to Bennett, the board is will not amalgamate McBride’s elementary and high school at this time.

“The only conversation that occurred at the board meeting about McBride was the recommendation […] that nothing happen in McBride,” said Bennett.

The motion considered was:

“That for the 2019-2020 school year, both McBride Centennial and McBride Secondary Schools continue to operate in their current configuration.”

Bennett said the board is not making a decision soon.

“The board recognizes it does not make financial or education sense to combine schools at this time,” he said.

“At this time there are no discussions about combining the schools and there is no plan to have this on any upcoming agenda. If that ever came back to the table there would be community consultation before any decision was made.”