The members of both the McBride and Valemount teams participating in this years Oldtimers hockey tournament received top spot in their pool of four. Final placing was not determined by games won as each game had a total value of 10 points up for grabs. Teams could earn points by having the most goals scored in a period or by having the least number of penalty minutes. Each game also had the opportunity for points to be earned during a shoot out between periods. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Curling: This years Ladies Bonspiel was brought to you by the letter “D.” Teams dressed in costumes such as “Dominos,” “Dice,” “Disney,” “Double Double” “Disco” and many others as the battled this weekend. In the final ends, the three teams that “D-feated” their opponents were, Pool A – Graffunder (Clearwater), Pool B – Krochak (Red Deer) and Pool C – Quam (McBride/Prince George) /ANDREA ARNOLD