There was high drama in the McBride Secondary School Drama presentation of “Burying the Hatchetts.”” Above L to R: Greta Gump (Calla Kalnin), Hannah (Alison Moore), Angus McNealy (Falisha Kohn, Winifred Hatchett (Saeda Rose), Dr. Miles Mountebank (Sally Buck), Daphne Prescott (Amber Welpton), Lord Desmond Hatchett (Lane Longuski, and Lady Fiona Hatchett (Taylor Traquair).” Below left: Hannah and Lady Fiona Hatchett discuss some unsettling goings on.” Top right: Daphne Prescott ponders a moment in front of the photo of the late Mrs. Hatchett, to whom she bears a striking resemblance./ ANDREA ARNOLD