by Andru McCracken

Derrick Shaw, Valemount Secondary School’s principal, said he is excited to be back at school.

“We have a great school, great students and great staff,” he said.

The school is bustling with activity, and although the enrolment is only 83 (the numbers are not yet confirmed for the year), at lunch time the halls are lined with kids.

In the gym last week, a group of kids played half court basketball with flair.

Shaw said the school has two volleyball teams gearing up for the season.

There is a new teacher for Phys. Ed. and the focus will be on outdoor education.

“The kids are into it,” said Shaw. “Let’s capitalize on where we live.”

International humanitarian work

Some 21 students from both McBride and Valemount students are raising money to travel to Mexico to build homes with a Canadian charity called Live Different.

Kids must raise $1695 to participate and get to San Diego. Shaw said this year the group will take a “Live Different” coach instead of flying down, which will save them a lot of money.