by Andru McCracken

Donalda gave a talk about her work with the Stopping the Violence program. It was real. We hope to profile the program in depth in the near future.

Women’s Health Fair uncovered a world of help in McBride on March 8th. The range of programs available for women in McBride is remarkable, if you need help or just want to know more, you should talk to Executive Director Lina Thompson at the Robson Valley Support Society.

Stacey works in the adult literacy coordinator, Tanya is a community health paramedic, Donalda is the Stopping the Violence Counsellor, Penny is in charge of Stopping the Violence outreach, Susan is a nurse at the local clinic, Jennifer is with Child and Youth and Mental Health Support program in McBride, Lina is the Executive Director of the Robson Valley Support Society and Sharon is the new Child and Youth Mental Health Support program in Valemount.