The house was rocking, as the live music really added to the dance festivities. / MONICA MARCU


The 2017 Dunster Ice Cream Social was a resounding success, as more than 200 people showed to the event. This year marked the 40th annual Dunster Ice Cream Social, with plenty of ice cream, cookies and pastries. Funny mannequins were set up outside the hall mocking Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. A live band from McBride played much of the dance.

Mike Podina and Jerry
Prismantas — a guest from Seattle — enjoy ice cream and a
slice of the Canadian Beaver cake. / MONICA MARCU


Mirai Hiroe, 1,
and her mother Miwa Hiroe dance. / MONICA MARCU


Twenty-three-month old Ruth Boulianne moves to the groove at the social’s dance. / MONICA MARCU