A new Valemount subdivision will extend Dogwood Street all the way to the Best Western Hotel’s perimeter fence at the south end of town.

Council made a final decision Tuesday on a development variance permit to increase the length of the subdivision’s cul-de-sac.

According to the plans, the proponents Diane and Shawn Fowler wish to increase the cul-de-sac length from the allowed 150m to 240m.

Due to the increased length of the cul-de-sac the Fowlers plan to have a lane at the end for emergency access.
Drawings show 21 new lots.

When approached by the Goat, Diane Fowler said she would be willing to speak about the project in early November.

The Fowlers run a branch of Whisper Creek Log Homes and have developed properties along Canoe View Place adjacent the new subdivision. They also run a vacation home rental business.