IGA mcbride petersons

Plans are underway to give new life to the old IGA building that’s been shuttered for several years on McBride’s Main Street– including plans for a new grocery store.

John and Marga Peterson bought the property this fall and say they plan to partition the building into a grocery store and several smaller spaces.

Marga says it’s a way to give McBride residents more choice in shopping, as well as a leg up for small businesses looking for appropriately-sized office space.

“We think it’ll contribute to the surrounding area,” John says.

Marga says she envisions a pizza shop where the current deli is, since the hook-ups are already there. The pizzeria and the offices would all have separate entrances to the outside.

The couple is in discussions with several grocery store chains and they hope to have a grocery store open in the coming months. While she has never run a grocery store, Marga says her experience in the hotel industry gives her the business experience for such a venture.

Matthew Fletcher, the contractor who will be doing the renovations, and his spouse Joy Flemke walked through the building with the Petersons last Saturday. As it stands, the old grocery store is nothing but a 9,000 square foot open space, full of empty store shelves where food items once sat. Paper still covers the windows.

The renovations should begin soon and be ready for tenants in the coming months.

“If people have ideas, they can come talk to us,” John says.

The Petersons say they look forward to hearing pitches for the new spaces and hope it encourages new businesses to start or re-locate to Main St.

You can reach them at 250-566-4438 or 250-862- 8340.