McBride Village Council has agreed to let 234 Main St. stand until spring.

The fire/safety inspector Dean Schneider has ordered the building demolished after deeming it a hazard.

The owner of the building, Vincent De Niet, requested more time to complete the tear-down, and has promised to remove the overhangs on the back alley side of the building as well as completely board it up before winter to prevent access.

In a letter to Council De Niet says over the past six weeks he has moved about 50 trailer loads of materials out of 234-222 Main Street to the transfer station. He says 25 trailer loads have been re-located to other storage locations.

“There is still lots of material in storage that has to be sorted, moved and/or disposed of in addition to various time-consuming gutting preparations in order to be able to do a safe and efficient demolition of the property,” he writes. “I am running out of time and resources to reasonably and realistically prepare for a demolition on the short notice that has been given.”

Now that Council has approved the extension, De Niet will have until spring 2017 to complete the tear-down. De Niet says he will use the time before that to empty out and gut the building and the demolition will begin as soon as the ground has sufficiently dried out.