I was thinking about a fourth option for the library. How about it move to the rarely used new community hall? This white elephant is just sitting there costing money anyway and has proven by now that its intended function isn’t working. Lots big enough, already accessible, with parking and maintenance. And no new taxes. Also a really good example of why we can’t trust the proposed budget for the new ideas.

Which brings me to another problem. After a couple years of fundraising, the community has come up with 45 Gs to promote this project. This is only slightly more than is needed to operate not including taxes. Not a very positive indication of the community’s desire for a new one. As an aside why is the library paying taxes? Doesn’t the village think this is a community asset….

Then we come to the size issue which in Joel’s words are the biggest problem with the present library. Do we need a big museum? According to the paper Valemount already has one and it isn’t that far away for newcomers wanting to see the past. Put a few more things at the train station and sell Marilyn’s excellent history. Use the library as a library.

I am afraid Korie’s false dichotomy (Dec. 17th editorial) is false. Any time a business comes to an area tax rates are a big consideration, as is the history of those taxes. Once a tax is on it never goes away as anyone can see simply by looking at their tax notice. See that bit about ice arena? That’s for the old A frame that has been gone for some 25 years or so. The new one has its own tax. And business pays two to four times as much per value as private property does so it is well worth a business finding out how a population feels about spending.

Norm Lorenz

Editor’s note for Library letter: Area H residents pay two amounts for arena services. One is for “Area H Arenas,” currently at a residential rate of $48.18 per $100,000 assessed value, and that applies to all residents of Area H, including the Villages. The other amount is either for the Robson Valley Recreation Centre ($159.72 per $100,000) if you are in McBride or west of Small River, or for the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre ($68.10 per $100,000) if you are in Valemount or east of Small River.