In this era, it seems that most people that consider themselves to be spiritual are just going about their daily chores and are hoping that they will be rewarded with eternal bliss in the afterlife. They want to be kind to their neighbors, because they believe that is what is spiritually expected of them.

But there are the radicals that insist that their personalized system of spiritual “thought” is the only thought that will allow the beneficiaries access to eternal bliss in the hereafter.

And those are the ones that are dangerous to the physical and mental health of humanity.

When a member of a Christian organization goes on a shooting spree in America, the person is not labeled as a Christian.

But when a member of a Muslim organization goes on a shooting spree, the person is labeled as being a Muslim.

Some news reporters ought to take lessons in how to be fair.

June VanDerMark
McBride, B.C