Submitted by McBride RCMP

On July 25th the McBride RCMP received a complaint of an threatening phone call made to the Mayor of McBride with a second similar call being received by a Village councillor a few days later.

The Village of McBride issued a press release requesting that if anyone had information to contact the RCMP.

During the investigation the person responsible for the calls came forward to the RCMP.

The individual admitted to making these calls along with others and explained that no harm was intended. The young adult had located contact information for the Mayor and Councilor then placed the calls but only intended them to be a prank. The suspect was informed that these types of calls, under certain parameters, may not be a joke but in fact, a criminal offence and could very well have resulted in charges.

Personal apologies were made to the mayor and councillor. The young adult asked that these apologies be extended to all persons affected by this incident including Council and staff who had to be called in on a weekend to ensure the Village data systems were secure.

The name of the person involved will not be released as no charge recommendation was forwarded nor was an information sworn.

The McBride RCMP Detachment and the Village of McBride wish to thank all those who assisted in this investigation.