Terrorism! How can bombing, maiming and shooting innocent people get you what you want? Answer; it doesn’t. So what’s going on here? Hunter S Thompson said “follow the money”, the Romans said “cui bono?” (who benefits?). In a court of law we try to establish a logical motive but in the court of big media, logic is not necessary. Simply point the finger and shout loudly, emotion rules, heads turn and yes we know who did it!

There are some amongst us who search beneath the headlines and follow the money to discover who benefits, their research is logical and they identify underlying motives. Dr Kevin Barret is such a person, he has spoken widely about 9/11 and has recently edited a book of essays about the Charlie Hebdo affair in France. You probably never heard of Kevin, free thinkers don’t get much press. Mainstream media exists to keep you entertained, distracted and programed, it screens out anyone who might question it’s narrative. However truth is there if you seek it. Kevin will be speaking in Jasper on August 14th at 7 pm in the McCready Centre, 701 Turret st.

If you have niggling doubts about media credibility or wondered about “false flag operations” this event is for you. If you accept that we are lied to by media and politicians on a daily basis this event is also for you. A great opportunity to meet like minded people and a giant in the truth movement. Come and support Kevin, he is working for truth, peace and humanity and he deserves encouragement.


Brian Mckirdy