The stories in last week’s issue about firing our CAO officer and celebrating a gay couple’s union gave me food for thought.

Times are changing and we will be constantly challenged for our openness, flexibility, tolerance and acceptance as societies and ways of being, living and doing things drastically change.

After reading about ‘good kid’ Dakota Stone’s wedding, I hope many are convinced that life is not always black and white, as much as we’d like it to be.

These times are about give-and-take, communicating, reaching out and acting with kindness.

And when situations of conflict arise, we consult a counselor or arbitrator or auditor. And when we still decide to go against unbiased advice, it is time to sit back and reflect on how open we are. Do we have enough diverse friends and advisors to help make decisions to serve our customers or a community that is composed of people who don’t all think like us or go to the same place of worship or even worship at all?

I believe we’re in a new age and being tested to accept diversity and diverse opinions. And if we don’t jump on the openness wagon, we’ll be left inhaling a pile of dust.

Rashmi Narayan
Valemount, BC