Dear Editor,

A few rambling thoughts:

I must be a contrarian: political attack ads on TV make me cringe. Whomever puts them on immediately loses my vote! Honestly! Like the conservative ad ridiculing Justin Trudeau: “He’s just not ready…nice hair, though” Really? Why is there such deadly partisan “us versus them” mentality in all our levels of government, where opposition is judged as a cancerous entity without trial, where perceived opponents are something to get rid of? How can we as a society move toward a more cooperative model, welcoming opposition, working together rather than against each other to find solutions to difficulties that come up? Without opposition in politics, we would have dictators, benevolent or otherwise, governing our lives! Opposition is key for a healthy democracy, but it does not serve us very well when it is so adversarial!

Concerning the financial difficulties experienced by villagers whose dwelling were affected by the sewer back-up, how about we move away from our litigious tendencies and we, as a village family, do some serious fundraising to help our neighbors in distress?

Developers seem to come and go, some wanting to add to the services already in place; remember the new Fields store? Three of our local businesses closed because of its competition, leaving us high and dry when it closed its doors! I understand change is inevitable, but could we be more careful in welcoming “new businesses?”

The Valemount Glacier Destinations is a wonderful project in my view: it would bring the world to our doorstep! How can we prepare to receive all these people in our village?

Lately, an old Sesame Street ditty comes to mind: “Co-operation, make it happen, co-operation, working together, yeah!”

Friendly discussion, anyone?

Monique Jamin
Valemount, BC