By Frank Green

The pit was the pits.

For decades, people have been dumping everything from engine blocks to paint cans to refrigerators at the Castle Creek gravel pit on the outskirts of McBride. But the Robson Valley Fish and Wildlife Club and a number of locals—about twenty people altogether—spruced up the place on Saturday, volunteering their time and their trucks. Many of the volunteers go shooting at the pit, and they wanted to make clear that they weren’t responsible for the garbage.

“A carpet! Who leaves a carpet!” asked Freda Molendyk, shovel in hand. Who had put it there?

“I don’t know,” said Susan Morris, at work alongside her. “And because we like shooting we’re worried it gives us a bad name.”

“Why do we live out here? ‘Cause we like it!” she explained. “Why would you dirty your own playground?”