By: Korie Marshall

As Joy and Mick Callas returned from Prince George last week, they were fortunate to see a beautiful sight – a young mother silver-tipped grizzly and her 1-year-old cub, grazing quietly a short distance from the highway.

They gently pulled off onto a side road, and watched as they peacefully munched along until they were about ten feet from the car.

“I know from their occasional glances they were very aware of our presence, but it wasn’t until 5 or 6 cars, plus the RCMP arrived that they discreetly made their buffer zone wider,” said Mick.

He says the officer had some good advice to motorists – stay in your car! “No mater how cuddly these beasts look, they can move as fast as a galloping horse, in a burst of speed. That’s all it’d take to get’cha,” says Mick.