Our communities are a reflection of our struggles, successes, triumphs and seaming failures, past, present and future. It is our home and the soul of who we are and were as people. It is the visions, hopes, dreams and desires of our ancestors long come and gone. It is our representation of us, we the families of today and the foundations set for our children of tomorrow and future generations to come. When we become divided as individuals we become divided as a whole. This creates projections of fear based lack and scarcity thinking, resulting in non trust, communication breakdowns, judging, anger, hate and resentments. When we listen to our hearts first and our heads second, we experience our inner wisdom, we evolve.We ask ourselves, what I can give, not what I can I get; we become leaders and true visionaries. We trust in ourselves and each other and appreciate what it feels to be heard, respected, supported and valued as people in our community. We work and grow together as one; this is powerful and opens the door to positive change, prosperity, growth, conflict resolution, peace, love and unity. Change is a choice.

Karen Taks,
Campbell River