Frank headshot

By: Frank Green

I’m a new reporter for the Goat, and I need your help. I’ve never been west of Toronto before, never lived in a small town, never gone snowmobiling. I think the train horn sounds romantic. And I’m supposed to be the one telling you what’s going on. I’m an ignorant person in a strange place.

So if you see a tall, skinny, confused-looking guy walking around with a red notebook, that’s me. Please stop me and give me your two cents. Please tell me what’s bad and what’s good, what’s changed and what ought to. Please tell me about your neighbor’s dog and your shopping list and your bad day at work. Please tell me what you want to see in your newspaper. I’m a decent listener, and I’m just trying to soak things up as fast as I can. You live in a beautiful place.

Thanks for having me. I’ll be living in McBride, and you can reach me at [email protected]