On December 17th, Directors for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George were sworn in in Prince George.

RDFFG swearing in 2015 (1)

(above) Electoral Area Directors during their Oath of Office, administered the Honourable Judge Brecknell. Left to right: Lara Becket (Area C Chilako River-Nechako); Bill Empey (Area D Tabor Lake-Stone Creek); Art Kaehn (Area E Hixon-Woodpecker); Danielle Alan (Area H Robson Valley-Canoe); Kevin Dunphy (Area F Willow River-Upper Fraser); Warren Wilson (Area A Salmon River-Lakes) and Terry Burgess (Area G Crooked River-Parsnip)

RDFFG swearing in 2015 (2)

(above) Municipal Directors during their Oath of Office. Left to right: Pat Crook (Mackenzie); Lyn Hall (Prince George); Albert Koehler (Prince George); Jeannette Townsend (Valemount); Loranne Martin (McBride); and Murry Krause (Prince George). Frank Everitt (Prince George) is absent.