I am a few weeks late in sharing my thoughts on the pro-life versus pro-choice debate.

When I was faced with the opportunity to align myself with one side or the other, I couldn’t make a decision because the two views are pitted as two sides and I didn’t feel I could align myself with either side without being misunderstood or taking sides.

I aspire to have boundless compassion for the parents or woman in the incredible position of making a decision that affects all of them including the baby.

At many instances in our lives, we each are faced with situations where we have to break or loosen ties with family members, spouses, friends, jobs or colleagues when those relationships are more than we can handle at that time.

All I know is I am not in your shoes.

I free myself from judgment (head) and align with my heart. I stand with the pro-compassion side.

Rashmi Narayan
Valemount, B.C.