There have been some very disturbing and disheartening events happen because of the upcoming election. One of our long time residents had her facebook page hacked and one of our candidates has had problems in her workplace. The same person who caused the workplace trouble did so at the last election too. Now, why would anyone stoop so low to do that?

Everyone has the right to enter an electoral race. It is a free country, as evidenced by Remembrance Day programs, services and history.

I wish I had an in town vote but I don’t. I would encourage those who do to think carefully and vote for change. This beautiful little town, regardless of what you are being told, is dying. Where are the children? Where are the young families? Where are the jobs? We have several capable contractors but who is getting the Village’s work? Who, of these people, puts entries in the parade? Who of these people donates to local events? Who of these people have been shopping and paying taxes in this community for years and years? Why don’t we have competitive bidding for forest contracts? People are bullied – time to stop it. Take the power away. I, myself, have had someone and his wife try to intimidate me three times. Why? Because I dare share my opinion? Because I ask questions that I feel need asking? Politicians put themselves in the position of being responsible to their constituents, when did that change?

I live in area H. Twenty-six of us went through meetings, letters, phone conversations for I think, 3 and a half years. At no time did our Area H representative sit down with our group and have a discussion. We had a formal meeting with a Rep from Regional District. I even asked our Rep in a letter to talk to us. The most we ever heard him say was when we attended the meeting in Prince George. By that time the decision was a foregone conclusion. We proved there had been infractions, probably over a hundred of them. Some were big ones. As soon as we pointed them out the rules seemed to change. We need an elected official for Area H who will vote at Regional District the way he sees it for the good of his constituents.

Diane Smith
McBride, B.C.