By: Chris Parker

McBride Secondary’s Christmas Craft Fair has been an annual event for years. Every year people from around the Robson Valley come out to sell their goods (both homemade and commercial) and support McBride Secondary’s Parent Advisory Council. The monies raised from this year’s Craft Fair will be used by PAC to help fund extracurricular activities, school sports, travel, motivational speakers, and much more.

With the doors set to open at 11 am the school was a hive of activity from 9 am on. Between the vendors, PAC members, secondary students there to help, and all the shoppers – by 11:30 you could barely get down the aisles, the parking lot was full and cars were parked down the Eddy Road/2nd Avenue street and a nearby side streets. The atmosphere inside the auditorium was that of a large shopping mall. At times you were elbow to elbow trying to get through to another vender in hopes of finding that unique gift for Uncle Desmond or the perfect item for your mother-in-Law.

There were home baked goods, quilts, knitting, crochet, pictures, jewelry, beauty items, Pysanky (Ukrainian) eggs and more. You could even get things for your pets or learn more about energy as the Spay and Neuter Society and BC Hydro had booths set up.

Walking around looking at all the beautiful items that have been lovingly crafted, rubbing elbows with our neighbours, and listening to the excited conversations of the children punched home the truth of the date – only thirty-two days until Christmas.

We might not have snow yet, but the weather has turned colder, the days are shorter, The McBride Christmas Craft Fair has come and gone, and so has another shopping day, thirty-one and counting!