Submitted by Robson Valley RCMP

During the evening of May 25, a member from the Valemount RCMP responded to a shoplifter complaint at the local Petro-Canada gas station. An elderly female was allegedly seen grabbing items from the store shelves and putting them into her bags. RCMP located the female at which time she was taken into custody and searched. No items taken from the store were found, however she was found in possession of a concealed knife which was seized by police. Criminal charges are being considered, however the elderly female was released from police custody and allowed to continue on her way to Jasper via a passenger bus.

Around 8:00 P.M. on May 27, a member from the Valemount RCMP was conducting traffic enforcement when he observed an approaching vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed on Highway 5 at Jackman Flats. The police radar registered the vehicle at a speed of 171 km/h. Coincidentally, this same vehicle was checked by RCMP in Alberta three times earlier for traffic related incidents until it was finally stopped by a Valemount officer. The vehicle was impounded and the driver from Delta was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for Excessive Speeding and Drive Without Consideration with fines totalling nearly $700.

During the afternoon of May 29, Valemount RCMP were conducting traffic enforcement duties near the Tete Jaune Cache Weigh Scales along Highway 16 when the officer observed a Dodge Ram pickup passing commercial vehicles at a high rate of speed in a dangerous manner on double solid lines. The adult male driver from Brackendale, British Columbia, was taken into police custody after the officer detected an odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle. The driver also exhibited signs of impairment and it was determined that he was under the influence of alcohol. A Roadside Screening test was administered to the driver who blew a warn in the instrument. He was in turn issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition for three days and was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for Passing on a Double Solid Line which constitutes a $109 fine. Prior to being impounded, the vehicle was searched by the officer at which time assorted drug paraphernalia, a small quantity of marijuana and eight cans of opened and unopened beer were seized. The driver was then driven by the officer back to a hotel in Valemount.

On May 30, Valemount RCMP received information that area residences have recently been egged and owners have found the air let out from the tires while parked in their driveway. Such senseless acts like this constitute mischief and this is an offence chargeable under the Criminal Code. Anyone with information regarding these incidents or if anyone observes anything suspicious happening, immediately call the RCMP.