Summertime at Kinbasket Reservoir. The reservoir is one of the results of the Columbia River Treaty.
Summertime at Kinbasket Reservoir. The reservoir is one of the results of the Columbia River Treaty.

This year 18 organizations in Valemount applied for $421,246 out of a total of about $271,000 available from the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives and Affected Areas program. The local program allows members of the public to “vote” on projects before an adjudication committee makes recommendation to council.

The public meeting was held in March and gave residents an opportunity to see the projects and ask questions of the organizations. After the presentation, the public got a chance to rate each of the projects, and that rating was compiled for the “Public” section of the total points for the project, shown in the tables in last week’s paper.
Council reviewed and approved the recommendations as presented by the adjudication committee at the April 22 council meeting. The approvals from the agenda, approved as-is by Council are:

The Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society receives $4000 for fire safety upgrades to the Golden Years Lodge;
The Valemount Community Bus Society receives $4300 for safety upgrades to the bus;

The Volunteer Fire Department receives $4000 for certification training for the fireworks and for the annual fireworks display;

The Gymnastics Club receive $8955.52 for gymnastic equipment;

The Valemount Legion receives $28,743.09 for upgrades, specifically electrical, dormer construction, ice maker and hot water tank. They had applied for a total of $34,687.89, which included kitchen design and entrance runner;

The Children’s Activity Society receives $15,200 for a multi-age daycare group room;

The Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association receives $32, 500 for Phase 3 of Five Mile Road upgrades; they had applied for $65,000;

The Valemount Marina Association receives $9,200 for a boom-log protection system;

The Lions Club receives $5,207.16 for revitalization and fire code upgrades;

The Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association receives $16,000 for part 2 of Crystal Ridge rehab;

The Valemount Curling Club receives up to $41,769 to replace rink surface lighting with LED lights, on the condition that the club obtain at least two additional quotes for the work and that the club apply to at least two other granting organizations for the project;

The Valemount Public Library Association receives $2,625.25 for sign replacement. They had applied for $8,500, which included maintenance of exterior logs;

The Valemount Community Sports Day Association receives $4,200.08 for a marquee tent and three sets of walkie-talkies. They had applied for a total of $5,053.40, including a public address system;

The Valemount Entertainment Society receives $13,445 for camera, lighting and support upgrades. They had applied for a total of $26,481, including upgrades to Council Chambers;

The Robson Valley Spay and Neuter Society receives $5,000 for the Valemount spay and neuter program;

The Swift Creek Watershed Society receives $20,404 for a viewing platform and fencing;

The Valemount Tourism Committee receives $38,887 for Phase 2 of the Cranberry Marsh Trail/Boardwalk. They had applied for $118,887 for the project.

Not approved for any funding were the Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association for winter grooming of Five Mile and other recreation areas, and the Robson Valley Support Society’s Community Heart Project. VARDA had applied for $10,602.65 and RVSS had applied for $12,548.

The Committee left $20,063 in the bank, which will be rolled into next year’s granting cycle.

On this year’s adjudication committee was Bill Kruisselbrink, Rita Rewerts, Ray Mikolash, Owen Torgerson, Dorthe Flauer, Arnold Wied, and Sandy Salt, representing Council. Braden Hutchins was staff liaison, but did not get a vote on the committee.

By: Korie Marshall