Submitted by Angela Brennan
Valemount, BC

Re: Marie Birbeck’s letter “Pints & Politics”

I’m writing this article in response to the negative feedback regarding the Sunday Pints and Politics gathering with Mayor Andru McCraken at Three Ranges Brewing Co. I was not only astounded at what I was reading, but very disappointed that such a positive idea has been slated by the few locals of Valemount. What a shame.

I can speak on behalf of many when I say that the Pints and Politics afternoon is a great idea and gives the people of Valemount an opportunity not only to discuss current affairs, but also the ability to brainstorm new business ventures in the future.

The ability to do this has been seemingly closed off in the past and only the small group of ‘elite’ have any kind of power to discuss such topics about Valemount, unless one can attend every council meeting; which in my busy lifestyle is just not possible.

I myself was nothing but inspired after 30 minutes talking shop with the mayor, I am someone who is keen to spearhead my own business in Valemount and was given full encouragement, verbal support and important advice by Andru. These are all positive factors, especially for the younger entrepreneur generation who the mayor is clearly very capable at getting through to.

I could understand if Pints and Politics was held at a free flowing alcohol-serving establishment, as most likely the meaning of the gathering would get blurred after a few drinks. But the crux of it here is that the brewery is a social and sophisticated environment, not rambunctious or loud and does not promote people to get ‘drunk’ and talk politics.

I can only hope that the few bad eggs will come around to Pints and Politics and pop along for a flight; they might even like it. Also, may Mayor Andru McCracken continue giving his time and attention to the people of Valemount in the manner he is doing so. Good job; it is a refreshing change. Thank you!