By Korie Marshall

Wondering if you can get higher download speeds from Telus in Valemount? It depends on how far away from the Telus office you are – and how the cable gets to your place.

Greg Fotos, Manager of Field Support for Telus, says if you are within about three quarters of a kilometer from their office on the corner of 6th Avenue and Dogwood Street, “Telus Internet 15” might be available to you. That gives you download speeds of between 3 and 15 Mbps. Fotos says most customers in the area are currently on the “Telus Internet 6” plan, which offers download speeds of between 1.5 to 6 Mbps. Both options offer upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps.

To check which service you are getting now, you can check your bill or call the customer care line. Fotos says Telus has their own speed test, but he finds is easier to understand for the customer. You just go to the website, select a location on the map, and hit “Begin test,” and the site will show you the download speeds you are getting from that location, then the upload speeds. He recommends checking a couple different server locations, because some of the server location may experience congestion or slow servers on the other end, which may show you slower speeds.

To check which options are available to your location, Fotos says you can use Telus’ self-serve online option. Go to, answer a couple questions and search by your home phone number or address, or you can call Telus the customer care line at 310-2255 to have a service representative check it for you.