snow day, snow, shovel, shoveling, help, good deed
Photo: Laura Keil
By Laura Keil

A foot of heavy sticky snow was what Louise MacLean saw in her driveway when she peered out her side door Monday morning. She wondered how she was going to get out.

Little did she know half a dozen students from the high school were on their way to clear her driveway.

Teacher Brian Hanson’s PE class fanned out across town on the morning of January 13 to battle another 8 inches of snow that had fallen the night before. Hanson commandeered the community bus and dropped off his students – equipped with shovels – at various senior citizens’ homes.

Not all the students had a shovel, but they took turns and some of the shovelling turned into flinging it at one another, but all in a good spirit.

MacLean came out of her house with chocolates which she doled out to her trusty workers. It wasn’t long before her driveway was neatly shoveled.

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for me all year!” MacLean said.

The students said they figured they would complete two driveways during their hour and a half class, though with more shovels, they could have done more.

Hanson says he hoped the experience will help his students develop duty and responsibility to our seniors and learn more about our seniors through the brief contact.

He says they did the same last year during a physical activity session and other teachers have done this with their students in the past.

snow day, snow, shovel, shoveling, help, good deed
Photo: Laura Keil