Columbia Basin Trust is looking for input on its proposed environment plan and priorities for the next five years.

CBT has been engaging with residents and organizations of the basin since the spring to help renew its water and environmental strategic plans. A statement from CBT says the new plan, once finalized, will guide how CBT supports activities to address current and future environmental priorities throughout the basin.

In the draft plan, CBT says it believes it can make the most progress toward environmental well-being for the basin by focusing on a few of the most critical environmental priorities. CBT hopes the priorities identified by basin residents and experts will help it focus its resources appropriately.

The 10 page draft 2014-2019 Environmental Strategic Plan sets objectives in five areas: water, ecosystems, climate change, environmental education and enhancing the capacities of environment-focused organizations.

“Thank you to everyone who has joined the discussion,” said Neil Muth, CBT President and CEO in a statement. “Your ideas are helping to shape the Trust’s environmental focus for the next five years.” Muth says CBT is again seeking the community’s help to finalize the plan, and he wants to know – “Do you feel supportive of this plan, what will this plan mean to you in your community?”

The draft plan can be found on CBT’s website. Provide your input by emailing [email protected] by noon on Thursday, January 9, 2014.