canoe mountain, logs, rotting

Submitted by Bob Griffin, Valemount

Well I guess I have heard it all now! It just seems to get worse. Under one roof sit officers of parking lots and trails, and across the way sit officers of our forests. They of course have better titles than I’ve given them, but they get their paycheques from the same place – our government. Our tax dollars support them. Down the road, cooking hamburgers and chips in -20 weather, our local vendor is trying to make a living feeding sledders who are supporting Valemount and McBride. I made a call to the officer of parking lots and trails in McBride and asked what the reason was for shutting the vendor down. The answer was because they do not do it anywhere else in BC. Sounds reasonable, hey? My vote goes for the vendor who does not get a healthy retirement package! This decision should have been put up for public input.

Now to get to the officers of our forests and check the pictures out. Are they doing their jobs? 80 plus loads of logs gone to waste at the base of Canoe Mountain because forestry seized them and left them to rot. We have small local mills who could have manufactured with them, not to mention the mega-loads of logs rotting under the hydro lines – gone to waste because of high stumpage rates. Merry Christmas,

Bob Griffin

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