The Valemount grad class and escorts paraded through the Valemount Secondary School gym June 1 as part of the graduation ceremony of 12 students.

Awards and certificates were presented and William Udot and Paul Rondeau gave an inspring and thoughtful Valedictoria address.

Graduates include Trent Cuddeback, Kyle Osadchuck, Tabatha Plamondon, Gage Ringer, Paul Rondeau, Colton Roy, Linden Salayka Ladouceur, Jessica Shalla, Lisa-Marie Snow, Destiney Stone, William Udot and Tamika Wied.

The McBride grads paraded through their gym Saturday June 22. Erik Berg was the valedictorian, Smanatha Phillips thanked staff on behalf of students, and Cassidy Brawn prestented thank you cards to those that helped the class of 2013.

The McBride graduating class included Samantha Phillips, Jarod McLennan, Spencer Vaughan, Preben Johnsen, Devyn Kelly, Aaron Seymour, Curtis Blangy, Erik Berg, Kaileen Starlund, Jasmine Vogel, Cassidy Brawn, Kylie Taphorn, Cassandra Onischak and Meagan Taphorn.

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