In MLA Shirley Bond’s first interview after being reelected, aired on Prince George CBC radio’s Daybreak North, she made reference to Robson Valley projects as being her first priorities.

Daybreak North interviewer Betsy Trumpener asked Bond what the first thing was she was going to do for the region as she heads back to Victoria. She said she wants to strengthen the economy in the north, particularly in the Robson Valley which she says she has “come to love.”

“The people there are hard-working and resilient.”

She notes a priority will be to work on the proposed Valemount Glacier Destination all-season’s resort. The other two priorities she noted was working on the expansion of community forests in the Robson Valley and making sure the north gets its fair share of any development that takes place.

In last week’s election Bond received 57 per cent of the vote, the best result she has ever had in her four terms.

Bond said as far as the Enbridge Northern Pipeline goes, the Liberal Party will be waiting to see whether the project meets the party’s five principles for development. It currently does not meet the principles.

By: Laura Keil