It’s a local market suitable for the winter chill.

The Robson Valley Indoor Market began last weekend in McBride. The permanent market on Main St. will be open four days a week and be host to dozens of home-based businesses, artisans and artists.

Organizer Barb Jackson says it’s the same idea as indoor markets around country different with a variety of local products, and things to eat.

She says it will provide a venue for businesses that are too small to have their own permanent space and tables will be rented out per day, per week or per month to provide maximum flexibility. The market will be set up in the former Odds ‘N Ends building. Odds ‘N Ends is moving to another building downtown.

“It’s a centralized place,” Jackson says. “A lot of people have home businesses and it’s good advertisement.”

She says small business is the way for McBride and for other small communities.

“When you have a large business, when that business folds there’s that many people out of a job.”

Small businesses also allow people to pursue a passion and what they’re good at.

In the summertime Jackson hopes an outdoor market will complement the indoor one, on grassy lot next door.

She is also including other local businesses outside the market by soliciting “Two for One” deals to hand out to consumers on the days the market is open.

She will also stock business cards for businesses that can’t be present. Anyone with a table must be present, however.

Jackson already has 30 people signed up. There will be a cashier to accept debit and credit and the market will be open Wed-Sat 10am-6pm.

Jackson says her inspiration harkens back to the Hockeyville contest, when everybody did what they wanted to contribute. People were not told what to do and how to do it, you had to ask yourself how
you wanted to help.

“I really believe in a small community working together.”

Laura Keil