A new link between Valemount and Jasper is ready to take off.

Village Councillor Dallas Bullock has organized a trip to Jasper from Valemount Sat. March 2nd on Valemount’s community bus. The bus leaves at 1 pm and will return at 9:30 PST.

The cost will be $16 per adult, $10 per child. A $5 deposit is required at sign-up. Money is refundable if there is not a full bus.

The sign-up sheet is at the Library, which is also where the bus will leave from March 2nd. There may be a pick-up in Tete-Jaune.

Bullock says this is a test run for something that could continue to happen in the future. The bus is also used for school sports trips, however, so is not always available.

In Jasper the bus will be parked for the duration of the time there.

Bullock says it’s important to stress this is not a booze cruise, and it will be up to the driver to decide whether you are
allowed if you are intoxicated.

Bullock says they need 20 passengers to cover the costs, which they need to have booked one week prior to departure.

Laura Keil