The Village of Valemount wants to address citizens’ concerns around the inconsistent garbage pickup for the last two weeks.

Village CAO Anne Yanciw says they are working to develop a robust system of refuse collection that is not dependent on only one individual. She says the training process, like all learning curves, has encountered a few hurdles.

She says for those whose garbage pickup was missed, they would appreciate a call directly to the Village office to inform them at 566-4435.

Yanciw says they are developing communications to citizens on schedules, expectations, and responsibilities and she thanks residents for their patience.

As a reminder to citizens, garbage collection includes the following standards and processes:

“· The garbage be in metal or plastic containers not larger than 20 gallons

“· If not using a can, any bag failure is the citizen’s responsibility

“· The garbage be contained in bags

“· The garbage cans be placed adjacent to the roadside

“· The garbage be out for pickup by 7:00 am

“· Garbage is collected from each side of the road separately. If your garbage was not out in time for the pickup on your side of the road, you are welcome to carry it across to the other side when the truck comes by on the return trip.

“· The bags be a reasonable weight