By Abigail Popple, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, RMG

The Village of Valemount made upwards of three million dollars from the use of its sewage and water system during the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, said CAO Anne Yanciw.

Commercial users may use the Village’s water and sewage systems at their own expense, provided they receive approval by Council resolution beforehand.

The Expansion Project used plenty of water for dust control, fire suppression, and hydrotesting, among other construction activities. Over 215,000 cubic meters of water was sold during the project, according to Yanciw, netting the Village $1,374,534. The Expansion Project also required the use of temporary bathroom facilities, which moved over 77,000 cubic meters of septage through the sewage system, earning $2,442,658.

The money has been placed into surplus, said Yanciw. In the future, Council may choose to move the money into reserves.

Alongside fees for its use of the Valemount water and sewage system,Trans Mountain has invested more than $5 million into local infrastructure improvements in communities along the pipeline, a representative for the Expansion Project told The Goat. In Valemount’s case, the project contributed $2 million to upgrades for the Village’s roads, municipal water and sewer services. The construction of these upgrades was completed in fall 2020.