Valemount hosted its 3rd annual mud bog event at the rodeo grounds last weekend. This event was sponsored by the Northwest Mud Racing Association. Many local thrill-seekers took part in the races which included ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and many different kinds of souped-up trucks.

McBride ATVer Clint Traquair won first in the Class A division with his vehicle “Black Betty.” The whole family was out to support him, including his Mom who posed proudly with him in front of the vehicle after he learned that he’d won. His young son Prentis Traquair was busy playing with toy monster trucks with friend Colby Fawcett in their own sandy mud pit they had built near the real track.

“Vreeeeeeee!” they both sang as they pushed the trucks into the wet sand and out again.
With temperatures exceeding 30 degrees on the weekend, many riders and spectators donned bathing suits and big straw hats. In the deep mud pit, most participants got a full mud bath while trying to get through. Few made it very far. A snowmobile zipped right along the surface of the mud at high speed.

McBride participants included Glen Dakin, Barry Walline, Rob Walline, Byron Murin, and Clint Traquair (won the Class A division).

Valemount participants included Jason and Krista Voth (Krista won first in the Sled category), Dave Craig, Serena Tinsley (won first in the Quad category), Mark Etty, Kelsey Dawson, Arnold Merrell, and Greg Schafer.