As promised, we have headed into the bayous to get to know the area and our fellow citizens. On Saturday, we found ourselves exploring Eddy Road outside of McBride. My fascination with winding country roads was well satisfied with this tranquil rural setting”¦and was only spoiled by the blustery weather conditions that pervaded the afternoon.

Around each corner was yet another magnificent tableau of mountains, farm fields, bales of hay and animals aplenty. My camera got a good workout as we took pictures for our personal scrapbook and perhaps some that we will share with you. But it wasn’t until we eventually ran out of road and turned around to head home that we came across our ‘End of the Road’ story for this week.

I confess when I first saw the ‘sight'”¦I took my foot off the gas pedal”¦slowed down significantly”¦and then rubbed my eyes in disbelief!

Here not far from the ‘end of the road’ was a pickup truck with a 10 foot step ladder mounted in the bed. On the very top of that ladder was a bundled-up form. It wasn’t until we drew level and stopped beside this unusual sight, that we realized the individual on top of the ladder had a camera hanging around his neck. It was our friend and compatriot Matthew Wheeler, intent on getting a picture of the afternoon passenger train en route to Prince George.

Matthew descended from his perch and we talked about trains and the likelihood that today’s may be cancelled as a result of a breakdown near Prince George on Friday.

As we discussed this, along came a third vehicle which stopped between our two vehicles”¦ effectively closing Eddy road. Here we sat with a very cold Matthew”¦ and two carloads of wanderers, having a discussion about some of the hikes and climbs in the surrounding mountains. Fascinating stuff”¦ but in the middle of the road blocking traffic “­”­- only in McBride on a Saturday afternoon, with the wind blowing and snow entrails appearing now and then.

It was perhaps 15 minutes later, cold and wet, that we suspended the discussion with a promise to get together soon over a cup of tea. It wasn’t until we reached home that I realized the scones so dutifully prepared for this excursion remained on my back seat… sorry Matthew”¦ at the very least you deserved the scone for your entrepreneurial spirit to climb that ladder in the back of a pickup on a backroad somewhere east of McBride – just to get your photograph.

McBride reporter Chris Parker heads down unknown roads with home-baked goods to bring us stories from local people.