By: Raquel Medina

Summer is now over and school is here! It seems as if the summer months went by in a flash. Even though I’m going to miss the summer I am very excited for school! But going back to school is also a hard hit for parents who instead of making you buy all of your supplies, buy them for you. Kids like us usually put in a thing or two that is not on our list and say “My teacher told us to bring this” and your mom would say “A Barbie?” So kids, make sure that what you put in the cart is actually convincing because parents have the eyes of a hawk, I know that from experience. And that’s not it. There’s the backpack problem. “Why can’t you use the one you used last year?” “Because I used it last year!” This is a typical conversation about your used backpack from last year. And I don’t even use backpacks I use big purses. Don’t knock it till you try it. Then there’s the clothes issue. Which is the biggest problem for kids because all we want is the newest things, but all your mom wants is the least expensive things. Your mom would probably say something like this: “That’s too expensive!” and “Winter is coming. You can’t wear tank tops!” But the worst possible sentence your mother could say while looking for clothes is, “Aw, I like this one!” This sentence can be a good thing or a bad thing. The good thing would if you were talking about a puppy in a store. I’m sorry to say we are not talking about puppies.

Image: nuttakit /