After several years of pursuit, the Yellowhead Outdoor

Recreation Association (YORA) has received $2000 in

funding from the MEC/BC Parks 100 Years of Adventure

Event Series to host a Berg Lake Marathon on the trail

rounding the back of Mount Robson.

“It is a perfect marathon length to Berg Lake and back,” says

Patricia Thoni, president of YORA.

She says they will also have a half marathon race to and from Kinney Lake

and a one or two kilometre kids race somewhere at the bottom,”

According to Thoni, very shortly a committee will be

formed to sort out the details of the race and how to promote

the event.

Both runs will take place September 10th starting at 7:30 am

for the full marathon and 8:30 am for the half-marathon.

“Apparently it is a good time because the people who do

marathons say that there is not a major marathon in this

area happening around that time. Also, the trail will not be

as busy at this time of the year.”

Thoni says that this year the race will be hosted by YORA,

however the plan is to turn the race into a very large annual

event, using the spectacular and well know backdrop

of Mount Robson as the main promotional tool.

“It could be taken over by Tourism Valemount in the

future,” she explains.

“It could turn into a really big thing,” she adds.

In an e-mail, Thoni was informed that the Berg Lake

marathon event was chosen despite an overwhelming

number of competing applications under the Event Series


Anybody interested in helping organize or participating in the event is encouraged to contact Patricia
Thoni at the Caribou Grill or Jenn Meagher, marathon co-ordinator at [email protected].

The Mount Robson Marathon will include two separate events:

Berg Lake Full Marathon (42.2 km, 26.6 mi)
Saturday, September 10, 2011, 7:30 am start time

Kinney Lake Half Marathon (21.1 km, 13.3 mi)
Saturday, September 10, 2011, 8:30 am start time

Click here to visit the Mount Robson Marathon Website

3 thoughts on “Berg Lake Marathon”

  1. I hope this is a go, 1 month after Death Race and 2 weeks later is the Mad Moose in Prince George. Perfect timing

  2. Great idea! An absolute splendid location for a trail run!
    We’ve run “the Birhtday Run” on the trail for many years, with a group of runners out of Prince George. The aim was to run 1-km for every Birthday…….we peaked at 60-km, by going either in the direction of Snow Bird Pass or Adolphus Lake.
    Did a few more by using Mountain Bikes for the first part, but eventually threw in the towel. Wishing you good luck in making this unique trail run a success!

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