Buyer beware

November 6, 2016 The Goat 1

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor I’m just going to go on a rant this week with the general theme of: Buyer Beware. I have just experienced one of the most financially, emotionally and physically exhausting and […]

Laura Keil

Discord: the key to reconciliation

November 5, 2016 The Goat 0

by LAURA KEIL, publisher Discord. It can mean two sounds that lack harmony. It can also be a disagreement between people. Discord isn’t nice to listen to. It can be ugly. But it is important. […]

Understanding is the key to progress

October 27, 2016 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor This past week, I watched a documentary on Netflix called 13th. I have to share it with as many people as possible, because during the time of this US Presidential Election, […]

In all fairness…

October 17, 2016 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor Every once in a while, I stop to reflect on some of the decisions I’ve made. Have I been fair? Did I try to examine (the story) from all possible angles? […]

The most multifunctional tree, sea buckthorn

October 10, 2016 The Goat 0

by MONICA MARCU  Everybody visiting our orchard is surprised to see and asks about a beautiful, strange tree, with shiny silvery leaves and bright-orange, berry-like fruits gathered in rich clusters. Most North Americans are not […]

Hate exists, and it’s sad

October 9, 2016 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor There you have it, folks. If you haven’t heard of an example prior to this point, you can read one in this week’s paper. A visitor, a man raising money for […]

Conquering the Berg Lake Trail

September 23, 2016 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor Congratulations to every single person who finished any portion of the Mount Robson Marathon this past weekend. Congratulations, too, to those who organized it. What an achievement. Mount Robson is a […]

Fact-checking, accuracy important

September 13, 2016 The Goat 0

by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor Every week, The Goat’s staff and contributors attach their respective names to articles and columns. We attach our names to these pieces because, as a team, we feel it’s important people hear […]

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