Open burning proceeds despite venting index

November 13, 2017 The Goat
by Andru McCracken On Nov 5th the amount of noxious particulate in the air in Valemount reached levels outstripping Beijing. According to epidemiologists like Sarah Henderson of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, the particulate […]

Letter: Fresh air or choke

October 29, 2017 The Goat
Dear Editor, A pristine mountain fresh air experience is what we are selling but is not the reality we breathe. We need to be committed to take better care for our fresh air, or choke. […]

Perennial hassle made sweet

October 13, 2017 The Goat
Apples that would have likely rotted on the ground are turned into amazing healthy juice. The Three Valley’s Community Development Cooperative’s investment in an apple press has turned 5000 pounds of apples into juice. Pete […]
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