By Andrea Arnold

Northern Health has stepped up and through substantial financial support, is providing a way for Little Munchkins Daycare in McBride to not only continue, but to grow.

In last week’s edition of the Goat, we reported that the Little Munchkins was looking at having to relocate and reorganize their plans for summer programming due to new operational expenses that went beyond their budget. Founder Tabatha Reis worked hard to turn over every leaf she could think of as she looked for options for either funding, or a new location in order to continue to offer the daycare program. 

Reis said that local businesswoman Justina Trach told a representative at Northern Health about the struggles, and they stepped up. She said that Northern Health is covering the substantial increase in operational costs that Munchkins are facing.

“It is a 2 year contract with us and the school district,” said Reis. “This allows us to keep all our current programs and continue to open the infant program as planned.”

Although she had hoped to use two rooms at their present location within the Elementary school, she has adjusted slightly. Preschool and afterschool programs will remain at the school using one shared space. The new infant program and group programs will be held at a separate rented building located on Main street.

Reis wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to both Northern Health and Justina for their commitment to helping Little Munchkins achieve their goals.

“Your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated,” she said.