By Leon Lorenz

Have you ever wondered how many stars you can see with your unaided eyes on a night with no moon, no clouds or haze? Astronomers really don’t have a definitive answer, however they estimate it’s close to 10,000 visible stars. This picture was recently taken with a 35mm full frame sensor camera / 24mm lens combination which revealed countless more stars than I could see my unaided eyes. /LEON LORENZ
A sure tell tale sign that a beaver lodge is occupied in the winter is when there is an open air vent at the top. When beavers build their lodges they are careful to add a fresh air vent into the construction. On this particular day it was -20 C and I noticed some wisps of steam coming from the vent which is caused by the warm interior air hitting the cold outside air. I was hoping to see a more pronounced steam column, however I believe it may take at least -30 C or colder to achieve this.  When I held my face close to the vent there was enough warm air coming through to fog my glasses up. / LEON LORENZ