By Leon Lorenz
Kiwa Lake and Kiwa Glacier in my view is a “hidden gem” like no other in the Robson Valley and area. It’s nestled in the Premier Range of the Cariboo Mountains near Valemount with Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier the highest
peak at 11535 feet near here. I say “hidden gem” because there is only very poor access into this pristine wilderness with only the very dedicated willing to make this trip.

Back in the early 1980’s I was able to drive my pickup to the end of the logging road which took off miles of hiking now it’s pretty much closed in with alders growing almost horizontal across the trail ( like countless other old logging road access we’re losing.)

One is now forced to crawl under, over or around all this jungle with a large loaded pack. Once you finally break through all this mess you have miles of swamps, beaver ponds and bogs to skirt before you arrive at this amazing place.

This is good grizzly country judging by all the sign as well as moose and mountain goats among other wildlife.

It was near the end of June when I made this trip which was good timing for seeing lots of ice on the lake ( as well as being smoke free for a change), however not so good for all the creek and river crossings as all the water levels were high.

It took me 8 hours of pretty much nonstop hiking or rather mostly bush whacking to get in, however the rewards are great if one doesn’t give up.