Residents urged to avoid non-essential water use

By Andrea Arnold

On July 11th, the Village of McBride and the McBride District Volunteer Fire Department issued a news release urgently requesting residents and businesses take immediate measures to conserve water.

On July 6th, the Province announced that the Upper Fraser East Basin, which includes the Robson Valley, is experiencing level 4 drought conditions. Level 5 is the highest on the classification chart. The concern is that adverse impacts to socio-economic or ecosystem values are likely. The document also indicated that the snowpack for the basin is at zero per cent.

Although some areas have received rainfall, it has not been enough to catch up from previous months dry spells and any increased flow to rivers and creeks following rainfall has been short lived.

The Village of McBride is under a “Schedule C” Water Restriction notice that states no sprinkling occur between 12 noon and 5:00 pm daily. It also says that even numbered homes may sprinkle lawns on even days and odd number houses on odd days.

Dominion Creek, McBride’s sole drinking water and fire suppression water source, is flowing at an unprecedented low level.

“It is extremely important for the fire department and ultimately the residents of the Fire District that water conservation remains a high priority,” said Fire Chief David Hruby. “There needs to be ample water available when needed – a structure fire won’t wait while water supplies regenerate. The water you save today could save your house or life tomorrow.”

Residents are asked to reduce nonessential water use and to follow the following water conservation measures immediately:

• Not to sprinkle lawns

• Not to wash vehicles or boats

• Not to wash driveways, sidewalks, fences or building exteriors, except for health and safety


• Not to fill swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, etc.

• Limit watering of flowers and gardens to hand watering only (no sprinkling)

• Consider use of rain barrels