The nasty word “evil” is an adjective.

Some of the synonyms of the word evil are … immoral, sinful, ungodly, unholy.

So, that means that the opposite meaning is … moral, sinless, godly, holy.

When you refer to other humans as being “evil,” while omitting yourself as being the same … doesn’t that mean that you believe that YOU are moral, sinless, godly, holy?

Religion is but a word and a word cannot BE evil, and neither were or are the people that used and still use their religious dogmas to in turn torture and murder others.

I suggest that “we” can be very mean, nasty, manipulative, domineering, underhanded, arrogant, disgusting, untrustworthy, vicious … murderous animals, and be referred to by a lot of other choice fitting terminology … but we should not be referring to each other as being evil.

June Vandermark