On May 27th, six moving pieces of history rolled through McBride. Five Bugatti’s (Bugs) and one Bentley ranging in age from 1924-1931 on route to Alaska. The trip was organized by Sharon Stranberg. They do not have a crew car driving along with them. They have to deal with any issues that may arise on their own. She and her husband Jim, a Bugatti expert and mechanic have headed up three trips for the group of friends, but they have all participated in many trips around the world together. Depending on the location of their trips, some people have their cars shipped in containers to their starting point. In this case, the 40-day adventure began in Vancouver. Stranbergs came up from Colorado, and others came from New Zealand and Australia to meet up with a Canadian couple before setting off on the trip. “Our cars travel too,” said Jim Stranberg. “They are not museum pieces.” /ANDREA ARNOLD
Sue & Phillip Schudmak shipped their 99-year-old car, a 1924 Bentley, to Canada to participate in the trip. For Sue, aside from the opportunity to be with friends and see new places, what she was most excited about for this leg of the trip was the possibility of seeing a bear. /ANDREA ARNOLD