By Laura Keil

The Village of Valemount is again seeking interest from developers to build a fourplex on Village-owned land. 

Last year, Valemount Council issued a Request for an Expression of Interest for a developer to design and build a fourplex unit and to purchase the Village owned property at 1155 6th ave at fair market value. But the Village hit pause when projected costs came in overbudget.

The proposed cost just for the Village’s one unit (one unit of four) was over Council’s budget of $400,000.

At the time, Mayor Torgerson said Council hoped that perhaps a design change, for example, could bring those costs back in line with budget expectations.

The Village-owned lot picked out for the development is at 1155 6th avenue next to the former Mountain Driftwood Gallery & Lodging. 

The 2023 expression of interest request says the project will include one 3-bedroom unit with 2 bathrooms, two 2-bedroom “self-contained” units with own bathroom and shared common areas; and one 1-bedroom OR two bedroom unit. The request also says value will be placed on quality, durability, and energy-efficiency in the design and materials.

Village CAO Eric Depenau says respondents are asked to include a budget, timeline and designs in their submission.

“If an appealing response is received, the budget would be reviewed for any changes required, and the Village may move forward with a contract to complete the works,” he told the Goat.

He says Village administration has been reviewing options since the fall of 2022. Some of the work that took place in the intervening months included the new Council’s strategic planning sessions and the 5-year financial plan (which is going to council again on May 9th).

“With these items in place or near completion, administration now feels there is clarity to move forward with requesting interest.”

See the full request on or the BC Bid website. The deadline for expressions is May 26th, 2023.

Torgerson said the lot would need rezoning to build four units. The public would get to have their say at the rezoning hearing. He said most people see the need for staff housing, including medical staff, he noted, people whose jobs support the health of the entire community.